GDP focused on providing Enabling Contracting Services to our clients in various infrastructure and Construction projects. Our thoroughly experienced design engineers ensure in providing economic and efficient Dewatering and Foundation systems. We ensure to provide confidence to our customers that our projects shall be carried out on budget and on time.


    Sump Pumps, Well Point & Deep Well systems

    We provide De-watering solutions that facilitate in the reduction of groundwater to desired levels to carry out site activities. By utilizing modelling techniques and considering every aspect of the project, we provide end-to-end management solutions i.e. design, installation, commissioning of sumping, well points and deep well systems.

      24-hr service, 7 Days a Week

      The nature of de-watering is normally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so consequently, we have our well equipped & experienced technicians monitoring & servicing the sites 24 hours a day as well as after-hours call-out crews.

        Silenced Pumping Systems

        In areas where noise pollution is a concern, GDP ensures to install and commission Canopy Pumping systems that reduces the sound levels to an approximated 64 dba at 7 m

          Pumping Tests

          Our engineers are capable of carrying out investigations to determine groundwater pumping characteristics of a site prior to designing an efficient de-watering system. The investigations shall be carried out by pumping tests, falling and rising head test, and packer testing. To achieve optimized construction design, these tests are developed as per the construction design and end-purpose of the site.

            24-hr Electronic Monitoring and Data Logging of Water Levels & Flows

            Water levels in piezometers and wells and their flow rates can be monitored by electronic equipment to provide near real-time information which can be set to call-out and alarm equipment. This also provides accurate information of the de-watering system performance which can further be displayed online graphically.


              We use sophisticated groundwater modelling software that support the complete management solution process involved in providing an optimized groundwater control system. Modelling software uses 2D, 3D & 4D simulations to capture important various site parameters such as groundwater behaviour, well yields, hydraulic conductivity, recharge, shoring system, etc.


                Our fleet is one of the most up to date and durable in the industry. We provide experienced contractors who wish to carry out their own de-watering or pumping services accompanied by a wide range of materials and equipment.


                  Piled Foundations

                  Piles are rigid structural elements used in transferring overlaying structure’s lateral, vertical, or a combination of both loads through weak soil layers to a suitable bearing layer.We provide the following deep pile foundation techniques; rotary bored piles, driven piles continuous flight auger (CFA) Piles, pile caps and capping beams

                    Retaining Walls

                    Retaining Walls/Shoring are structural systems that hold back soil or rock from the excavated sides and form the walls of an underground, watertight structure; for instance, basements of buildings.Retaining walls have to account for a number of factors, the ranges of variables, unknowns and constraints are vast making the designing of the retaining wall a very complex and challenging task. Combined with proper analysis of geo-technical reports, project requirements and use of design software such as ReWaRD and the likes, our design engineers ensure to provide the most stable and safe retaining wall system. The following are the systems we provide:Contiguous bored pile wall, Secant bored pile wall, sheet pile wall, soldier pile wall, soil nailing, anchors and tiebacks, strutting and bracing supports